GeoMiss has so far been very much a solo project. I'm the sole developer of Mappage. My number-crunching and writing I've done alone.

Many research projects like this are for an employer or part of formal education; I'm doing this off my own bat. I'm often asked, who are you doing this for? I'm doing this in the hope that thinkers and leaders in the Christian community find it useful.

Organisations I've connected with in this work over the years include the Baptist Churches of South Australia and the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide. I've also shared my stuff (both published and local specifics) for several church leaders around the place.

As I have gotten around in the Adelaide Christian community I have spoken about what I'm doing and many people have affirmed its value. I appreciate their encouragement. I also appreciate all those who've given feedback on Mappage over the years.

As this project has had no expenses so far and I'm funded by my previous paid work, I haven't needed any funding, although the Adelaide Anglicans paid for a small amount of work in 2017-18.

As for the partners I might like to have, there are several ways that interested people might like to work with me, none of them necessary, but all potentially useful.

Churches map: Check your area and add any churches missing from the map.

Testing new features: I occasionally get a few friends to check things over when I've done a significant update. If anyone's keen to test changes every now and then, that would help.

If anyone has the same interest in the statistics as I do and wants to be part of it, in whatever capacity (you don't need to be any kind of expert). As for Mappage - while it's probably impracticable to have anyone else do anything with my code, there may be someone who can help on the design side.

If I was doing this as part of employment or formal study, I'd have a supervisor, board or colleagues giving regular feedback (not sure how that would work in this case).

Mappage has grown into many things: A home-made GIS, a tool for dealing specifically with census data, a database front-end. I'm aware that I have probably been reimplementing what others have done. If anyone knows of a third-party component that could slot in and do better than what I've done, I'm happy to lean on the work of others, even if it means discarding what I've spent a lot of time on.

If there is anyone interstate who would like to see some of what I have done for South Australia duplicated, I would be happy to collaborate. I could even partner with someone overseas, but that would require more work.

If anyone is working in a related field where my know-how would be of use, I'm keen to help.